Medlere Limited Establishes Subsidiary in China to Expand Global Supply Chain and Provide World-Class In Vitro Diagnostic Services

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(Xiamen China, June 13, 2020) - Medlere Limited, a prominent healthcare technology company based in the United Kingdom, is thrilled to announce the establishment of its subsidiary in China. This strategic move represents a significant step in the company's mission to establish a robust supply chain system in China and offer cutting-edge in vitro diagnostic services to clients worldwide.

Medlere Limited is renowned for its innovative solutions in the field of healthcare technology, focusing on advanced diagnostics and patient-centric services. With a commitment to improving global healthcare outcomes, the company's expansion into China underscores its dedication to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare services on a global scale.

The new subsidiary, strategically located in China, will serve as a cornerstone in Medlere Limited's vision to create a comprehensive and streamlined supply chain network. By establishing a strong presence in China, the company aims to optimize its manufacturing processes, enhance research and development capabilities, and foster collaborations with local partners. This initiative will not only strengthen the company's global operations but also facilitate the seamless delivery of high-quality in vitro diagnostic services to clients and patients worldwide.

"We are excited to announce the establishment of our subsidiary in China, a pivotal moment for Medlere Limited," said CEO of Medlere Limited. "This expansion allows us to leverage the expertise and resources in China to enhance our global supply chain, ultimately enabling us to provide world-class in vitro diagnostic services to our clients. We are committed to advancing healthcare solutions and positively impacting lives around the world."

Medlere Limited's expansion in China aligns with the company's vision of creating innovative healthcare solutions and improving patient outcomes. By integrating local expertise with international standards, the company aims to elevate the standards of healthcare services in the region and contribute to the advancement of the global healthcare industry.

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Medlere Limited is a leading healthcare technology company dedicated to providing innovative in vitro diagnostic solutions and patient-centric services. With a focus on advancing healthcare outcomes, Medlere Limited leverages cutting-edge technology and international expertise to enhance the accessibility and quality of healthcare services globally. For more information, please visit or contact:

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